FAQ's (9)

Q: Do you have health guarantee on you puppies?

A: Yes, our puppies come with one year health guarantee against life threatening hereditary problem. To validate this guarantee requires examination of the puppy by licensed veterinarian at the buyer’s expense within 48 hours or 2 business days from the time of purchase. The veterinarian will find out most of major problems during the physical exam. If the veterinarian attests to a life threatening genetic condition with a written statement, the puppy must be returned to us within 48 hours, and a replacement puppy will be provided if available or your purchase price will be refunded.

Q: Do you accept the deposit to hold the puppy?

A: Yes, we accept deposit to hold our yorkie puppies for qualified purchaser. Minimum deposit is $300 to hold the puppy and we can hold the puppy up to 2 weeks. Make sure you can accept the responsibility of this puppy as deposits are non-refundable unless we feel the puppy you picked did not turn out as expected. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Full payment including all other expense must be received by the date agreed or the deposit will be forfeited and the puppy resold.

Q: Do you ship your puppies?

A: Yes, we ship our yorkie puppies within U.S.A and Canada only. The shipping cost is extra $350 ($450 for Canada) which includes airway bills, health certificate, traveling crate, food & water bowl and care & handling. Once payment is made in full, we will book the flight, makes the arrangements and give you all the information and detail for pick-up. If the airport allows it, we will ship your puppy to your nearest airport. Service depends of weather condition as well as individual airport policies.

If you live within driving distance from our location, we highly recommend to come visit our puppies in person. It is always better to meet and spend time with puppies then just choosing them from pictures.

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: We offer several types of payment options for your new yorkie puppy. Cash is preferred but we also accept credit card (Visa & Master only). ¬†Bank wire transfer, direct deposit and Paypal are also accepted. There will be $25 fee on bank wire transfer, and 4% fee of total price on Paypal payment.¬† Sorry NO CHECKS, MONEY ORDER & CASHIRER’S CHECK will be accepted.

Q: Should I have my puppy neutered and at what age?

A: Neutering of both male and female dogs is recommended before they reach sexual maturity. Some vets will recommend early neuter at 12 – 16 weeks of age, while others prefer to perform the operation at an older age such as 5 to 6 months of age. It is best to ask your own vet and be guided by their preference.

Neutering of female dogs (spaying) will prevent unwanted puppies or the annoying attention of male dogs when they come into season twice a year. From a medical standpoint, spaying at a young age will prevent mammary tumors (breast cancer) and pyometra (infection of the uterus which is often a surgical emergency). Neutering, or castration, of male dogs before puberty will decrease the problems of aggression, urine marking, tendency to roam, and hypersexuality (usually with the furniture or with visitors!) seen in entire male dogs. Medically, castrated dogs cannot develop testicular cancer, and reduces the risk of prostate problems in the older dog.

Q: Does my puppy potty trained?

A: All our puppies are partially trained on potty pads (we start to potty train our puppies at a very young age). We work with our puppies to go potty in potty pads and they are already familiar with potty pads smell. Once they arrived to their new home, we suggest that you continue with the potty pads training, always taking consideration that your puppy should always be supervised. We also suggest play pen or doggie gate which is a closed in area, where your puppy could continue to learn his/her potty training in a controlled area.

Q: Does my dog need a microchip?

A: Microchipping is recommended for dogs as a permanent and safe form of identification. In some states it is compulsory at 12 weeks of age, or when they go to a new home. Unfortunately, many family pets are euthanized every day because they cannot be identified. Microchips cannot be altered and do not fade over time, whereas tags and collars can easily be lost. The microchip is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades and remains there for life, ready to be identified by a special scanner and your pet promptly returned to you if lost. Ask your vet for more information on microchipping and the requirements in your area.

Q: Do all your puppies registered?

A; Yes, all of our puppies are registered with AKC (American Kennel Club) or CKC (Continental Kennel Club). They are all purebred yorkies. Some of our AKC sires are champion blood line. We have more information regarding sires on Our Family page (papas).

Q: Do you do the stud service on you sires?

A: Yes, we have several boys for stud and their pictures are on Our Family page (papas). They are between 2 to 5 pounds, very socialized beautiful boys. Fees are varies depend on the males. For more info, please contact us directly.